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Dana & David character rigs

With this project I hope to help balance the limited choice in terms of race that animators have when picking a character rig, so that they have the tools to generate more racially diverse content in their animation exercises; and at the same time avoid the problems of clashing character designs that animators usually have when combining different rigs in their exercises by developing several characters with the same design style.
The rigs include diffuse textures for the body and shoes.

You can find them on gumroad:
Dana rig:
David rig:

Character designs by Gop Gap.
Compatibility: Maya 2017+
Rigged with AdvancedSkeleton.

On the coming months, I will be developing more characters from different ethnicities.
I’d love to get feedback from you regarding any bugs or your impression with these rigs! You can contact me through my website or sending me a direct message here.