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Animal Crossing TV Series Fan Teaser

This fan made project stems from my appreciation of Rilakkuma & Kaoru TV series and the Animal Crossing games. After playing New Horizons for a few days, I wondered how merging both universes would look like & thought it’d be fun to expand on Isabelle’s character a bit. This is what I imagine a TV show or short film would look like in this style.

Developed during quarantine of 2020 with a great team of artists:
• Directed by Gabriel Salas
• Previs & animation: Jaime Mora ( /
• Modeling, rigging, textures, shaders, fur, lighting, rendering and compositing: Gabriel Salas (
• Storyboards: Ale Carrasco (
• Music: Jeremy Neroes (
• Japanese writing: Camila Asencio (
• Special thanks: Florencia Reyes

Animal Crossing, their characters, music and logo are property of Nintendo and its affiliates.
This video is a fan made project with no association to Nintendo, only intended for entertainment value and no commercial use whatsoever.
This project was heavily referenced by the amazing work of Dwarf Studios!

Thank you for watching!